It seems your application of stoicism within your own life is lacking. You’re writing sounds like someone peering in from the outside on the stoic lifestyle. Admiring the beauty and simplicity of the lifestyle, but unable or unwilling to implement it in your own life. All of your “truths” appear predefined by external media without question of validity or objective. The fear you have toward COVID also is suspect. Reasonable caution is needed. However, the data shows the virus is not as deadly to the majority as once thought. Additionally, the treatments available through vaccines, anti viral meds, updated treatments and more, would make anyone basing their life around logic stop to consider that perhaps further thought and research is warranted on the part of the individual. Perhaps going along with a media fueled panic isn’t the best idea. I agree with stoic ideals about freedom. I just prefer, when the option is available, actual freedom. What you suggest is borderline Orwellian newspeak. Freedom is slavery.

ios dev, graphic designer, UI/UX, Photographer

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